Praise "Bob"!

Cthulhu is NOT A JOKE! He lurks in a reality we cannot understand and seeks OURS! It is supremely selfish yet has NO SELF, and is truly babbling madly through the mouths of a million Mediocretins . . . To it, we are CURSED CATTLE! Any pathetic pawn of the Anti-"Bob", which controls "secret" groups like the Masons and Rosicrucians and would DENY you a lifetime supply of "Bob's" PILS and is the source of all we HATE! SMASH Normality! We can't hide, but we can RUN! Cage Rats are genetically incapable of understanding that the miraculous Janor Device is no more meaningful than a ROACH on the FLOOR but has NO PLANNING yet occurs as it MUST and spreads with the smoke from the True Pipe!

Does this make NO SENSE to you?

Is this your first exposure to the Word of "Bob"?

Maybe you need to learn MORE. It depends on how you react to these electronically generated yet DIVINELY AUTHENTIC spews of TRUTH. Did you find them meaningless and annoying, or strangely compelling?

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