Praise "Bob"!

Divine is the Yeti spawn! BLESSED is he who - obedient to the Nental Ife - ("Bob" willing) knows he'll have Habafropzipulops, the Herb of the Gods and watch from the Saucers as the Normals BURN! Those little prairie squid are GREAT, but the grace of that FootGland, like the love of "Bob" Himself is living proof that the spawn of the Yeti nature must be shouted like the wonderful BRAG from the rooftops! As "Bob" says: "Don't just EAT a hamburger . . . eat the HELL out of it!" You must UNMASK the False Prophets who DROOL. Half of them are stupider than AVERAGE and the rest are hurrying to catch UP! They are DOOMED! And they do not GET it, they never will. They are VILE! SMASH government! Remember, your money CAN buy you salvation!

Does this make NO SENSE to you?

Is this your first exposure to the Word of "Bob"?

Maybe you need to learn MORE. It depends on how you react to these electronically generated yet DIVINELY AUTHENTIC spews of TRUTH. Did you find them meaningless and annoying, or strangely compelling?

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