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GURPS Uplift – Cover


GURPS Uplift

Written by Stefan Jones * Edited by Scott D. Haring and Steve Jackson
Cover art by Alan Gutierrez

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

176 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $9.95
Stock number 6035 * ISBN 1-55634-427-9
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The Five Galaxies are a tough neighborhood . . . and humanity is the new kid on the block.

Of the thousands of races in a galaxy full of aliens, ours is the only one that claims to have evolved on its own, without genetic engineering by a Patron species. With its own new clients – genetically modified dolphins and chimpanzees – upstart humanity faces a jealous universe. The ancient Patron clans can't decide whether to enslave the races of Terra . . . or just wipe them out.

The Galactics have wealth, power, and incredible technology. The people of Earth have guts, originality and a handful of allies . . . and they won't give up.

This is the universe created by David Brin for his award-winning "Uplift" series. GURPS Uplift includes complete descriptions of the important alien races, maps and descriptions of the Terragens planets, and rules for creating – and Uplifting – new species.

GURPS Uplift is intended for use with the GURPS Basic Set, GURPS Compendium I, and GURPS Space. It may be used as a sourcebook for any roleplaying system, or as background for fans of the "Uplift" series.

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