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July 24, 2010: San Diego Comic Con And The Big Burger

Matt and his burger Jesse and his burger San Diego Comic Con is pounding down on me as I set out for the second full day of the show, and so far the show is as much fun as I remember it. Yesterday was great with tons of Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice leaving the booth and going home with gamers and non-stop gaming in room 15A. Huge thanks to the MIBs for manning the stations, and to Ryan and Randy for doing everything possible to back the MIBs and show off new stuff. (I spotted at least one game of Revolution! -- The Palace when I checked in on the crew, not to mention more Munchkin then I've seen since . . . well, the last con I attended.)

I split my time between the booth -- #4423, be sure to swing by and say hi, and don't miss one of the advance copies of Munchkin Cthulhu 4 -- and exploring the hall. I chatted with guys at game companies, film companies, toy companies, and comic companies. And a lot of artists! You know, it's not until you visit a show like SDCC that you begin to realize just how many great, talented people you know and can call a friend.

After too many hours at the show the doors closed and I got roped into dinner with the Glyos System crew, as well as toy designers and artists from all around the world. Matt bought everyone double bacon cheeseburgers at a little place on the harbor and then we proceeded to eat what had to be the biggest burger I've had in ages. It's a good thing my pedometer registered over 25,000 steps after burgerfest; but I think I need another 25,000 steps to work off that grease. And man, watching Matt and Jesse tear into their burgers made me happy I don't have a beard. I had to snap pics of the madness as these two artists fought their way through the burgers. Can you believe they're not twins?

Today's my last day at SDCC, do be sure to swing by the Adventure Retail (booth #4423). I've got coins and bookmarks, and I've even got the Zombie Dice iPhone app with me, so if you do spot me don't forget to ask for a sneak peek at the game. And if I'm not at the booth you can always poke me on Twitter and we can locate each other.

-- Phil Reed

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