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April 6, 2010: Munchkin Opposable Thumb Drive

Munchkin Opposable Thumb Drive Traditionally, at the GAMA Trade Show, we hand out folders full of information to the retailer attendees. This year, we went a bit more 21st century, and put all the information on a thumb drive. And since a plain USB memory stick is, well, boring, we made it a Munchkin item!

(If you're a retailer, all the info we handed out is on our Retailer Packet page.)

We had a few Munchkin Opposable Thumb Drives left over from the show, so we put them up on Warehouse 23. They're 2GB drives, and you can use them as a monster during the Looking For Trouble phase of Munchkin ('cause it's opposable).

Very few of these remain, and it's a limited run item. Once they're gone, they're gone for good.

-- Paul Chapman

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