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April 8, 2010: Blue Coin

It's BLUE, lad! Munchkin Silver Pieces are, for the most part, silver. Well, except for the red and green coins in the Christmas pack.

Oh, and now the blue coin.

The Munchkin Blue Silver Piece* is exclusively available as an insert in Game Trade Magazine, on the shelves of your local game store right now. In addition to carrying nifty Munchkin promo items you can't get anywhere else, GTM has sneak-peek articles, a listing of currently available and upcoming games, and reviews. If you're not reading it, you're missing something good!

* You may use the Munchkin Blue Silver Piece in any Munchkin game, at any time. Activate the coin to buy back any one card from any discard pile (except Dungeons) and place it in your hand.

You may only use one Munchkin coin (of any type) per game, and may only use that coin once unless otherwise noted.

-- Paul Chapman

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