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March 8, 2010: An Anarchistic Interlude

Transhuman Space Classic: In The Well Money! Bah! Who needs it? We don't! We have cast aside our material needs. We have risen above such petty earthly desires. We look toward the looming giant named The Economy and say "nuts to you, buddy!" We're going to give away these two new products, and damn the torpedoes!

Transhuman Space: Teralogos News - 2101, Second Quarter is a collection of fake news articles for a real game about fake people having real fun. It will cost only your time. The Stars Are Right Invocation Symbol Counters are a collection of counters that will help you play The Stars Are Right without going completely mad. It will cost you only about 2 SAN. By offering these products to the public without a demand for monetary recompense, we believe we shall form the vanguard for a oncoming societal upheaval that will replace the bloated, decaying world of capitalism!

What's that? Transhuman Space Classic: In The Well was released this week and it's not free? One does, in fact, need about ten dollars to partake of the book's Martian, Venusian, and Mercurian goodness? Oh. Well. Nevermind, then.

-- Fox Barrett

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