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March 18, 2010: Cthulhu Is Not A Zombie

Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice. Very similar names, but very different games.

Zombie Dice (scheduled for a June release, by the way) is a pure "press your luck" style game -- how many brains will you collect before you roll three shotgun blasts, ending your turn? Will you stop and score, or will you try for just one more brain? To show you how to play, we've created a Flash demo! Braaaaaaainnns!

Cthulhu Dice (hitting store shelves in May) is a "retribution" style game. You steal Sanity points from your rivals, and they do the same back to you. Of course, if someone is in the lead, he's the obvious target. Unless you're just carrying a grudge. Keep stealing Sanity (or losing it to Cthulhu) until someone -- hopefully you! -- is the last player with marbles. If everyone loses their marbles, Cthulhu wins! This one can play in five minutes. In fact, it can play twice in five minutes if Cthulhu gets lucky. We're working on a Flash demo for Cthulhu Dice as well; watch for an announcement soon!

We will, of course, be running live demos at both the GAMA Trade Show and PAX East. The dice are very shiny. Watch the shiny dice . . .

-- Paul Chapman

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