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March 4, 2010: Cruise The Oceans

Sailing across the Atlantic is commonplace. Sailing across using only solar power? The catamaran "sun21" did that back in 2007, so it's hardly news.

How about not just a transatlantic trip, but a 'round the world one? And, instead of sun21's puny 6-person capacity, how about 50 passengers?

That's the goal of Planet Solar, a 31-meter catamaran unveiled in Germany. The team will use only the power of the sun, converted to electricity by the 5,000 square feet of solar panels adorning the top of the boat. At each port of call, the ship will host educational workshops on alternative energy.

Me, I'm wondering how many MREs you could stash on board. The Planet Solar sounds like an interesting refuge from a zombie apocalypse.

-- Paul Chapman

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