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March 10, 2010: Reminder: SXSW Open House!

The EIP is watching visitors. We announced this last week, so this is just a reminder. Or, if you missed last week's DI about our Open House during SXSW, this is news to you. Or if you're still on the fence about attending our little event, this is a nudge to encourage you to RSVP and attend.

It is, as Alton Brown would say, a multi-tasker.

On Saturday, March 13 (yes, that's this Saturday), we're inviting geeks visiting Austin (and the natives as well!) to swing by our office between 4pm and 9pm. We'll have games to play -- including, of course, ones we can't talk about here -- and stories to tell. RSVP to me, if you please.

-- Paul Chapman

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