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March 26, 2010: Revolution! Keeps Rolling On!

Revolution! You've heard me rave about how much I like Revolution! multiple times, so we'll just take that as a given. And with my admittedly biased opinion aside, here's what's new!

Over on Crows 'n' Bones, Philip duBarry has given an interview on the game, talking about the publishing options he explored, the process of working with us, the expansion, and the upcoming German version . . .

. . . Images of which have surfaced. Pegasus Spiele is our partner on this project. Long-time fans will recognize their name, since they handle the translation duties for our Munchkin games (and hosted my trip to Essen Spiel last year!). Their art style is very different from ours: Here's their cover, and their board. The illustrations are hard for me to judge objectively, since I've been looking at our version so long. But many hardcore Euro-gamers are praising it, so it has its fans.

The expansion (you know, the one Philip mentioned in his interview above?) is working its way through the playtest cycle. I'd call it rock-solid at this point, but the Dev Team want a few more sessions. The print buying has begun, but it's much too early to talk about things like price point or release date. We'll have prototypes at PAX East, of course.

-- Paul Chapman

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