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March 12, 2010: Munchkin Opposable Thumb Drive

Two Munchkin Opposable Thumb Drives Traditionally at the GAMA Trade Show, we distribute a blizzard of printed information to retailers in mysterious folders, marked with "Top Secret." This year, we're going for something a little different.

Instead of killing trees, we'll be enslaving electrons -- hammering them into the shape of PDFs and HTML files, and trapping them all inside the highly-portable 2GB boxes pictured here. (Our Twitter followers got a sneak peek at them last week.)

(Of course it will have a rule! It says Munchkin on it, doesn't it?)

Because we know the collecting instincts of the Munchkin fanbase, we have a few we'll be selling on Warehouse 23. We'll make the leftovers available on Wednesday March 31, for $20 each. But order quickly! We won't have many, and I imagine there are more than a few Munchkin fanatics who will be snatching them up.

-- Paul Chapman

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