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March 22, 2010: Pyramid Time!

Pyramid #3/17: Modern Exploration It's that time again, kids! What time? Why, Pyramid time, of course! This month's issue is Pyramid #3/17: Modern Exploration, and it's now available for download. And just what sort of magical mystery tour have the Pyramid fungineers cooked up for you this time? Buy a copy and find out!

What, that isn't enticing enough? Oh. Well, what if I told you that this issue is about the exciting and wondrous world of modern exploration? Ah, you already guessed that from the title. Uh, well, what if I mentioned that it has an article about a mummy? Everyone loves mummies! To even suggest otherwise would be insane. So clearly this magazine is of the highest caliber, fully deserving of your cash.

Yes, there's more to it than just that one article, but you can't expect me to tell you everything that's in it, right? Don't you want to go see for yourself? Do you want to . . . explore it a bit and discover this issue's hidden treasures? Ah-hah! You can't possibly resist ad copy that clever. My work here is done. Enjoy your magazine!

-- Fox Barrett

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