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February 4, 2010: I Am Definitely Not Worthy

Geekosystem.com has posted a list of 30 Great Gaming Geeks. Not only am I on it - that's cool enough, right there - but I seem to be ranked at number 1.

Okay, that's just ridiculous. I am deeply honored blah blah blah, but I'm also abashed. Even though we had to buy an office with double doors so my ego could get in, I'm abashed. I mean, come on. CHECK OUT that list. There's not a person there I wouldn't love to listen to for an hour, with my own mouth firmly shut. Even the ones who are already friends, because I don't get to see them enough. I mean, Richard Garriott has been to space. Warren Spector is reinventing Mickey Mouse. And some of these guys I would just plain fanboy at. Will Wright made SimCity. Shigeru Miyamoto created Donkey Kong and Zelda, back in the day, and is still going strong with Wii games! He was knighted for his geekly achievements. I am not making that up. Reiner Knizia invented the Eurogame, sliced bread, and the horse. (Okay, I made some of that up.) And where the heck are Daniel James and Mike Stackpole? And OMG where is Charlie Stross, who not only writes SF that can literally disturb my sleep, but created the slaad?

This is an awe-inspiring list. It boggles the mind to realize how much scary raw talent we have in our little corner of geekdom. Revel in it!

-- Steve Jackson

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