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February 7, 2010: Steve In San Francisco

This upcoming Wednesday, Feb. 10, I'll be at the EFF 20th Anniversary party at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The MC will be Mythbuster Adam Savage. Come say hello!

The day after that, Thursday the 11th, I'll run an informal "play games and see the new stuff" session. I'll have Cthulhu Dice and Zombie Dice with me, and probably some other stuff. I figure I'll start at 8, and go on until it's time to quit. The venue will be the lobby of the Pickwick Hotel in downtown San Francisco . . . unless somebody comes up with a better idea nearby, so watch the Illuminator and our Twitter page for updates.

-- Steve Jackson

Randy's Road Trip Update

Tonight, Randy will be gaming at The Game Keep in Hermitage, TN from 1-5pm. For Randy's complete itinerary, check out our Where's Randy? page.

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