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February 24, 2010: Son Of Twitter Answers

From every single person on Twitter: "omg have u seen teh cupcakes?"  Yes . . . yes, we have. Linked to 'em, too.

PhoenixTaichou says "@SJGames I'm going to have to break into fanboy for a moment and declare that you are a complete legend. Are FF books still going?" Sorry, you have the wrong complete legend. The Fighting Fantasy books were done by the other (British) Steve Jackson. Well, except for three that he and Ian invited me to do, giving me the unusual distinction of having ghostwritten under my own name . . . At any rate, as far as I know, no new ones have been released in many years, and it's been many, many years since I got a royalty statement, so, if they're not dead, they are resting very, very hard.

@wilw asks "Are you saying that great Cthulhu slumbers in your bathtub?" Actually, he's awake and playing with the rubber pirate duckies.

@lunarempire asks "What is UltraCorps?" It's a browser-based MMO that we acquired more than five years ago, simply because I was a big fan and the original publisher had gone under. It took us this long to get it re-implemented in Perl and to add the features we thought it should have (it's a complex so-and-so, and we are not exactly computer game specialists at the moment). We still have to solve some payment issues before we open it up for paid subscriptions.

jeniburns asks "how would I go about getting permission to use a munchkin for a tattoo?" I don't know. Who normally approves your tattoos? Significant other? Commanding officer? Spiritual leader? But leave me out of it :-)

-- Steve Jackson

Randy's Road Trip Update

Tonight, Randy will be gaming at The Tower Game Center in Lawrenceville, GA from 4-8pm. For Randy's complete itinerary, check out our Where's Randy? page.

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