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March 24, 2010: Goodbye Justin, Hello Judey And Gabby

Just last year, we welcomed Justin DeWitt back into the office. It was very good to have him back on the team, but even as he solved problems and did Neat Stuff for us, he was working on getting his own first game, Castle Panic, into distrubution back then. Now, with Castle Panic getting rave reviews, he's going to focus on promoting it - and to work on his next release. Justin's always been a good egg, so while we're sad to see him go, we're excited to see what's next from his Fireside Games.

Now, of course, we need brainpower in the production department even more. And with the upcoming waves of Munchkin reprints -- holy cow, there's a ton of stuff that needs to be reprinted this year! -- we needed to grab a couple of extra brains.

Most of those brains are concentrated in the skulls of Judey Dozeto and Gabby Ruenes. Judey will keep the paperwork in line and crack heads as necessary*; Gabby will add his skills to the "putting words and text together in a pleasing fashion" team. Welcome, Judey and Gabby!

The rest of the brains? I can't say, except to firmly deny that we have a team of zombie staff writers in Austin. (What Dr. Kromm does in his basement, we have no control over . . .)

-- Paul Chapman

* Don't let the brains out!

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