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May 8, 2010: My Ten-Year Anniversary

On May 8, 2000, I was hired as a shipping clerk here at Steve Jackson Games. In the intervening ten years, I've cast miniatures, moved the warehouse, moved the office, run booths at trade shows and conventions, shipped boxes, and written lots and lots of Daily Illuminators (and other blurbs).

Some days it's just a job, involving screaming deadlines, writer's block, lost packages, and budgets. But then there are the conventions, the hours of playtest discussions, the grand plans for future games, and of course, all the geeks I get to work with. All in all, working here has pretty much spoiled me for mundane careers.

This is a good -- great! -- gig. But ten years? That makes me feel like an adult or something. Time to take my Nerf gun and shoot someone.

-- Paul Chapman

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