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May 2, 2010: RPC In Germany

Conventions in Germany are not like those in the States. Sure, there are games being played, and geekery all over the place, but the scale seems to be just . . . larger. (And since I'm in Texas, that's hard to say.)

Take, for instance, RPC, the Role Play Convention held earlier this month. It's only their fourth year, and they're already attracting over 40,000 attendees.

(At this point, I'm sure our German readers are eager to point out that 40,000 is unusual for them as well. I'd be ok with that, except for the frequency that these "unusual" events seem to happen. It must be something in the water.)

In addition to drawing a massive crowd, RPC set up their own awards this year. Munchkin Quest took the Best Card and Board Game, and Frag Gold Edition was awarded "Best Board Game - Computer Gamer Crossover." Both these games were the German language versions, published by our friends and translators, Pegasus Spiel. They ended up taking home three other trophies in other categories as well. I fear for the hangover that celebration caused!

(Oh, and who should step up to accept the Munchkin Quest award? None other than the Munchkin Mascot himself!)

-- Paul Chapman

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