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May 3, 2010: Love And Dinosaurs

Spoiler: There are dinos in the Old West adventure What could provoke a bunch of unlikely heroes from the Old West to strap on shootin' irons and ride out after outlaws, and then track them through dinosaur infested swamps? True Love, of course!

Well, it might be True Love. In any case, there's love involved, since the outlaws stole the beautiful schoolmarm as well as the contents of the bank's vault. But love for whom? That's the question your party will need to figure out, between dodging bullets and giant lizard jaws in GURPS Big Lizzie.

Fully updated to GURPS Fourth Edition, this adventure for up to eight players was originally published in Space Gamer #64, circa 1983. Back then, the magazine included a set of Cardboard Heroes that came in handy, so we've released them as well.

Cardboard Heroes: Cowboys and Indians features exactly what you'd expect, given the title: cowboys and gunfighters, Indian shaman and warriors, hall girls and storekeepers. There's also a scattering of bugs, snakes, and even a still!

-- Paul Chapman

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