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May 29, 2010: Munchkin 19th Printing Now Available!

Munchkin! Munchkin's 19th printing has arrived from the remote mountain temple where it spent months training, refining its kung fu skills . . .

No, wait, Munchkin Fu is the one with the kung fu skills.

In any case, the 19th printing of Munchkin has arrived at our distributors, and should be on the shelves of your favorite game store. If you're not sure of the printing of the copy you have, hold the box facing you (with the Munchkin logo upright). Tilt the top of the box away from you so you can see the short edge of the lid -- that's where the bar code will be, on the right side. On the left side of that surface will be the printing number!

If you haven't even gotten to the "holding the box" step yet, check out our Store Finder; it'll help you find a friendly game store near you. And if it doesn't -- perhaps you're stuck in a temporal anomaly shaped like an island or something -- there's always Warehouse 23.

-- Paul Chapman

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