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May 27, 2010: What's Up With Blender And More Good Cards

Once upon a time, Munchkin needed an expansion to help those crazy folks blend their sets together. You know, the sort of players who throw all their cards together, and shout "Woot!" loudly when the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment is wielded by a Ninja against Great Cthulhu. The set was called Munchkin Blender, and for a while it was good.

Then, during the planning of the various changes we would roll into Munchkin 19th printing, we saw a solid stream of feedback. Since most people started with the core fantasy Munchkin, that was the most common card back in their jumbo blended decks. Munchkin Blender, sadly, had a bright purple card back that didn't mix well at all.

The original solution was to bring some of the Blender cards, along with some new cards, into fantasy Munchkin in an expansion called Munchkin 7 More Good Cards. But with the Big Change upon us, we decided to take it one step further. Blender is now Munchkin 7 and will have backs that match the rest of the fantasy sets. The 13 cards from More Good Cards that do not duplicate cards from Blender will return in a booster early next year, so you aren't losing anything.

(To clear up one likely question right now: the Blender cards that are in Go Up a Level use the purple design.)

-- Andrew Hackard

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