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April 13, 2006: GURPS For Dummies

It's out, it's out, and Warehouse 23 has it . . . here's the order link. We're very pleased and complimented to have an actual "Dummies" book for GURPS . . . and it's good. Sean Punch consulted extensively as it was being produced; this is sort of like a GURPS Lite that's big enough to use for a doorstop.

That's the good news. The better news is: we're offering it at considerably less than cover price. Warehouse 23 doesn't usually discount, especially not our own products . . . that would make it hard on the brick-and-mortar retailers. But our distributors tell us this book won't be in the hobby chains much, just because the big book chains and online booksellers are ALREADY discounting. So . . . just this once, we get to beat the online booksellers' prices . . . we're offering it for $13.99. Buy from us, woo hoo!

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