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April 14, 2006: GURPS Thaumatology Playtesters Needed!

GURPS Thaumatology is the complete GURPS Fourth Edition guide to magic systems, compiled by Phil Masters. A mixture of updated Third Edition material and all-new Fourth Edition rules, Thaumatology explores variations on the basic magic system described in GURPS Magic and presents several alternative systems -- including ritual magic, clerical magic, threshold-based magic (known to Third Edition players as "Unlimited Mana"), and high ceremonial magic (the "ritual magic" system from Third Edition). It also provides extensive guidelines for the GM who wishes to tweak or even completely rethink the game's basic assumptions about magical advantages (Magery, Magic Resistance, etc.), mana, spell colleges, energy sources, rituals, magic items, alchemy, and herbalism. In short, it is to magical skills what GURPS Powers is to superhuman powers . . . and it includes a healthy dose of powers, too!

We will conduct the Thaumatology playtest on a closed mailing list. Only Pyramid subscribers are eligible to participate, and list membership is limited to 40 people. Interested parties should write to Sean Punch (please use this link) by no later than April 21, 2006. Applications should be brief -- just your name and Pyramid user ID, plus a sentence or two on your experience with GURPS. Preference will go to applicants conversant with the entire body of Third Edition magic systems as well as all Fourth Edition material to date, as the primary goal here is to playtest many, many rules . . . but we also intend to choose a few gamers who started playing GURPS as of its Fourth Edition, as it's important that the book makes sense to all GURPS players, not just those with years of experience. Please note that as we anticipate many replies, we cannot respond to individual applications.

Interested but not a Pyramid subscriber? Subscribe today!
-- Sean Punch

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