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April 14, 2008: Progress Report: MQ And SJ

So when we last tuned in, Munchkin Quest hadn't yet gone to press, SJ had had to more or less cancel his time off to keep working on it, and Little Suzie was tied to the railroad tracks.

As we rejoin our cast . . .

  • Munchkin Quest is a game now. Fun is had, and it feels like the classic Munchkin in a really spiffy rearrangeable dungeon. Which, after all, was the goal. It really will go to press as soon as we finish reorganizing the rules. They're long enough that we're going to add an actual (small) table of contents in front, and a glossary/index in back, and a lot of cross-references. Because you don't want to be looking for rules when you could be cheating and killing things.
  • SJ is pretty toasted, but post-GTS, he really is going away for a while. In fact, if he's not up to GTS, he'll skip it, because the crew can handle it just fine without him. All Steve was going to do was demo Munchkin Quest and wander around the exhibit hall, smiling glassily. Both these functions can be performed quite competently by others.
  • Little Suzie untied herself and ran off with a used car salesman.

And that's the way it is. Courage! Be sure to tune in next week, same munchkin time, same munchkin channel.

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