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April 16, 2008: Them's Fightin' Words . . . Foam Fightin', That Is

No, these aren't currently available; what you see here are prototypes from a very skilled manufacturer. We're quite happy with them, because no matter how cool they look in this photo, they're cooler to hold, and to whack the table with. The noise from the hammer is loud enough to get heads poking into the room from halfway across the building.

"If they WERE available, what would they cost?", you ask. The best answer we can give is "not cheap." Google for stores that sell foam weapons for LARP and cosplay, and you'll see what we mean.

Nevertheless, we anticipate a certain amount of "Must Have!" from you, our loyal readers. We will have these at GTS next week, and will get a feel for the demand in the retail sector there. If your FLGS is sending a representative, encourage them to stop by our booth (#506) and check them out.

If you'd like to voice your desire, nay, your demand for weapons carved from mighty foam, designed by the legendary forge of Jackson and Kovalic, let us know on the forums,
-- Paul Chapman

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