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April 14, 2012: Your Future Car Will . . . Heal Itself?

Defying the definition of "carbon-based life form," British scientist Lee Cronin claims he has created self-replicating cells out of metal. The applications of artificial intelligence that can evolve from a single cell, or what he refers to as iCHELLS, are mind-blowing if not a bit scary. Can you imagine getting into a car accident and watching your dents heal themselves? Or what'll happen when your computer is made out of living metal? Cybernetics and artificial intelligence suddenly seem a lot more possible. The idea of metal-based life forms may even change how scientists regard and search for extraterrestrial life.

Read the original story Lifelike Cells Are Made Out of Metal and the more recent article Is Metal the New Building Block of Life? for additional information.

-- Monica Valentinelli

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