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April 5, 2012: Loren Wiseman In Edinburgh

Loren will be a guest at ConPulsion 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Easter weekend, Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th of April.

Quoth Loren: "The site reminds me a lot of Hogwarts, because there are a lot of little rooms of random sizes jumbled together, a bar in the library (or a library in the bar), doors that seem to lead nowhere, and staircases that I swear move around (none of the paintings on the walls move around, but I'm not completely convinced that they don't when I'm not watching). There are tabletop minis games, board games of all kinds, LARPS and RPGs ditto, panels, seminars, and what we in the USA would call a Huckster Room.

"Last time I was in town I was wandering around with my guide and stumbled across an honest to gosh blue police box a la Dr Who. I'm going to try to find it again and get a picture this year.
"I'll also be attending a weekly meeting of the South East Scotland Wargames Club Thursday the 5th and touring several Roman sites in and around Edinburgh. I can't think of too much else that I'd rather do . . ."

So if you're anywhere near Edinburgh, check out ConPulsion and say hi to Loren.

-- Steve Jackson

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