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March 5, 2012: It's Time To Get Tethered!

In Nomine: Liber Castellorum Everyone needs a place to call home . . . or perhaps even a place that lets them call home. In In Nomine, we call those spots "Tethers" -- and In Nomine: Liber Castellorum, newly released to e23, is your one-stop resource for these places of power. Learn the ins and outs of how they form, grow, and die. It also includes a selection of Tethers from both sides of the War, plus rules for creating, protecting, and destroying them.

If you're looking for a bit of Heaven on Earth, or if you're trying to find concrete GPS directions when you tell someone to "go to Hell," In Nomine: Liber Castellorum is the supplement you need. Get together with a Tether today!

-- Steven Marsh

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