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March 1, 2012: Rolling The Odometer

Those of you who have driven older cars may remember the excitement at seeing the odometer dials turning as a big round number approached. Families were even known to go for drives so everyone could watch 099999.9 turn into 100000.0. It's the little shared experiences like this that our modern electronic society has robbed us of. (And get off my lawn!)

We bragged last year about printing 75,000 copies of Munchkin in the 22nd printing. "That oughta last us a good long while," I said at the time. "Why, it'd be insane to ever expect that we'd need to do such a large printing ever again."

The 23rd printing of Munchkin will be 100,000 copies, and will start shipping to stores in May. Shows what I know.

And 100,000 copies of Munchkin oughta last us a good long while . . . right?

-- Andrew Hackard

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