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March 18, 2012: Want An Interview?

I love it when bloggers and reporters contact me to request an interview about our games and toys! To help me facilitate your request, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A little notice, please! - Last-minute requests will get lost in the swirling vortex of e-mail, never to be seen again. The sooner you can make an inquiry, the better! Typically, we need at least a week. On-site interviews at conventions need to be coordinated well ahead of the event.
  • Format matters - E-mail interviews are easier to schedule than podcasts. If you'd like to schedule some time with us at a convention, we'll also need to know who you'd like to speak with . . . not everybody travels to the same shows.
  • Talk about yourself - I can't tell you how many requests I get with no information. Tell me about yourself. Who are you writing for? What publication or website will the interview be published in? Details matter!
  • Editors, schmeditors - If the interview is for a print medium, we'd appreciate the opportunity to review the final version before it's posted -- especially since we're working with licensors!
  • Timing is everything - Want sneak peeks? Hoping to get exclusive news? We typically announce new games and toys to distributors five months before they hit stores. Fans will see our announcements three months prior to release. Keep that in mind when you're asking questions.
  • Illuminate daily - Company news and announcements are often posted through the Daily Illuminator. You can subscribe via e-mail or RSS. If you see something there you want to know more about, don't be afraid to send me a link to an article or visit our forums.
  • Link me, please! - I will make every effort to link to the interview, post a picture from a con, and Tweet about your promotion. Please do not hesitate to send me a link after the interview is live.

The more information and lead time you can give me, the more I can help! Don't forget -- PAX East is on the horizon and both Phil Reed and Andrew Hackard, the Munchkin Czar, will be available for interviews!

Hope to hear from you soon!

-- Monica Valentinelli

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