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February 18, 2012: Back From New York Toy Fair

Incredible? Fabulous? Awesome? Super? I'm trying to settle on the perfect word to describe my New York Toy Fair experience this year, but no matter how hard I try I can't describe the show with only one word. It was productive -- I got a lot of useful feedback on our Castellan packaging mockup -- and insanely fun. From meeting with buyers from major chains to the friendly G4 crew to getting the chance to spend time with friends, I cannot think of a single bad thing to say about my week in New York. Except maybe to say that it's now over . . . I never get enough time in New York.

What I know for sure is that I had a great time Wednesday night at dinner. Liegh, Monica Valentinelli, and I were joined by Mike, David, and Brian from Haywire Group, and Kali and Chris from Dark Horse Comics for some tasty Italian at . . . well, I have no real idea where we were. All I'm sure of is that I failed to get us into Five Napkins (sorry, gang, I'll make reservations next time). 

And one last important point of information: Yotel is my new favorite hotel in the world, and the next time I have to hit the Big Apple I'm totally staying there. When the worst part about your hotel is that there's a robot in the lobby, then you know that you have found the greatest hotel in the world.

-- Phil Reed

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