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February 25, 2012: Balticon And Redwing's Gambit

Redwing's Gambit Cover Art

From May 25th through the 28th, I will be attending Balticon in Baltimore, Maryland. I'll be celebrating the release of Redwing's Gambit, a science-fiction novella I wrote for the Bulldogs! RPG published by Galileo Games. On the cover the artist protrayed a scene I wrote, and included one of my favorite characters -- a psychotic little teddy bear named Fang! The Bulldogs! RPG was originally published as a D20 supplement and was released last year with all new art for the FATE system, a FUDGE variant developed by Evil Hat Productions. 

If you're at this convention, please don't be afraid to say "Hello!" or drop by my author reading. After my scheduled booth appearances and reading, I plan to roam around the hall and hand out Munchkin bookmarks and promo cards!

-- Monica Valentinelli

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