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February 20, 2012: Drive The Hottest Rides, Or Journey With Classic Conan!

Pyramid #3 40 Vehicles

GURPS Classic Conan Beyond Thunder River

Over on e23, we've got two releases for your digital digestion. Our first offering is an assortment of ambulatory options, presented in Pyramid #3/40: Vehicles. This issue includes expanded options for mecha built using GURPS Spaceships, a collection of fantasy-themed GURPS vehicles plus the cutting-edge port that manufactures them, a selection of the fastest modern cars in the world (again, with GURPS stats), and more. With articles by David L. Pulver, Matt Riggsby, Kenneth Peters, and other fine authors, you're sure to find something to get your motor running!

If you'd prefer to roam Hyboria looking for trouble on foot, we've got you covered there as well! GURPS Classic: Conan Beyond Thunder River is an epic solo adventure that pits you against the Pict horde. In addition to the 560 entrail-eviscerating entries that make up the adventure, this supplement also includes maps, a collection of nine Hyborian creatures, and GURPS stats for Conan at age 40.

Whether you're looking to peel out in one of the world's fastest sports cars or to cause some monster's slow and painful demise, we have something for your enjoyment this week. Adventure awaits!

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