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April 20, 2012: Transforming Dallas

Every now and then some of us at the office go to a convention where we don't have any work at all planned. I know -- that's hard to believe, but that's exactly what's happening later this month when I go to Dallas for BotCon, the official Transformers convention that runs April 26-29. During those days I'll spend my time enjoying the show and not once working in a booth or giving answers to questions. Well, that may not be true, since some who follow my battlegrip.com toy site have already contacted me asking to learn how to play Zombie Dice, but there will be significantly less work involved there than at most shows that I attend.

So I won't be working (much) for a few days, but I'm sure we all know that there will be photos and posts from the show over at battlegrip.com. Transformers fans will want to keep an eye not only on my site, but also on sites like tfw2005.com and seibertron.com (which will both no doubt have a lot more photos and posts than my site will).

-- Phil Reed

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