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April 17, 2008: Boardgame Babylon

At OrcCon, I was interviewed with the tape running . . . and you can hear the result on Eric Burgess' Boardgame Babylon podcast. It was fun. Eric and co-host Paul Tevis asked some good questions and did the best that they could with my loquacious answers.

If you have as much fun listening to it as I had recording it, then . . . Hmm. In that case, then I got gypped, because I had to go all the way to California to record it, and you got to listen to it sitting at home in your boxer shorts.

Though the convention was fun. There was sushi and Tribes-playing and little Lego spaceships. All of which you CAN do in your boxer shorts, I suppose, but perhaps we should draw a merciful curtain over that mental image before it's too late.

Whoops, too late. Ug kill mammoth with Lego spear. Ug make fur boxer shorts with picture of Smiley the Smilodon! Ug got too much mammoth, trade you four Food and two Grain for one Sushi . . .

But I digress! The point is, you can comment, and read the comments of others, on this Boardgamegeek.com thread.
-- Steve Jackson

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