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April 23, 2010: In Our Warehouse; Almost On Shelves

Munchkin Fairy Dust A 20' shipping container filled with games pulled up to our warehouse earlier this week. Breaking the seal, we discovered our print runs of Munchkin Fairy Dust and Cthulhu Dice. There was much rejoicing!

The celebration will reach your store shelves in a few weeks. Sadly, the realities of our tech level are such that the tasks of counting, organizing, shipping to distributors, taking orders, and shipping to retailers take time. Rest assured, we have Top Men working on the teleportation technology needed to reduce this delay -- which, I think, virtually everyone would agree is an affront to the game-playing rights of man and beast -- from the current standard of "weeks" down to "seconds."

(We leave to the next generation to howl in outrage at the delay of entire seconds. The next generation of Top Men will be working on machines to deliver your next generation games mere nanoseconds after your payment is accepted.)

Watch for the "it's available from your FLGS and Warehouse 23" announcement in this very virtual space. (Top Men are working on beaming this information direct to your brain, but for the moment, you'll need to bookmark this page.)

-- Paul Chapman

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