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August 3, 2006: Experiment At GenCon

We've been watching Print On Demand (POD) technology mature for a number of years. Being able to shrink print runs down to a few hundred (or even just one!), while keeping the product affordable and up to our standards of physical quality, has obvious advantages. While the prices are still quite high compared to a traditional print run in our normal quantities, the quality is good enough for a “live fire” test.

At GenCon Indy, we will have a limited number of a special edition of GURPS Bio-Tech. This edition will be softcover and have black and white interiors. Don't worry; the regular print run will be both hardcover and full color inside. All the text in both editions will be the same, so you'll be able to get all the data, just two months early.

And since we were testing the POD technology, we decided to try another project as well: GURPS Mysteries, in print. The best-selling e23 product will also be available at GenCon, as a black and white softcover. Warehouse 23 will also carry printed copies, beginning in late August.

But don't delay! We'll only have a limited number at the Steve Jackson Games booth (#1321), so get there early.

-- Paul Chapman

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