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August 6, 2005: GCA On e23!

GURPS Character Assistant is now available for download on e23.

For those of you who haven't immediately clicked thru in a mad dash to purchase the digital version, GURPS Character Assistant is the official character creation software of GURPS Fourth Edition. Now available for just $14.95 as a download from e23, GCA has every character creation rule from the Fourth Edition GURPS Basic Set. You can create and save any character, and print it out on an official Fourth Edition character sheet. GURPS Character Assistant will also let you save and share character files with other players who have GCA. Join the GCA community on our forums to learn of the most recent updates.

The version for available for download is 4.0.237, the most current version, and also includes data files for GURPS Fantasy, GURPS Infinite Worlds, and GURPS Magic.

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