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August 6, 2017: The Best Little Movie Show On YouTube

Movies with Mikey

If gaming is my first love, then cinema is a very close second. I'm a movie and pop-culture fiend; studied it in college and ingest as much as I can, as regularly as I can. That includes a mountain of content creators on YouTube and social media. 

Since its inception, Movies With Mikey (created by Mikey Neumann) is the top of that mountain for me. I anticipate new episodes like one might wait for their favorite network TV show. Why? Well, his videos dive into deeper and more interesting elements of movies than anyone else I'm subscribed to. He's got miles of style, and he takes on all types of movies, from blockbusters like Star Wars and Mad Max: Fury Road, down to maligned flicks or cult classics like Ladyhawke, or one of my favorites, Sunshine. These are deep cuts, and he approaches each movie like the artistic achievement it is, big or small. 

He has a substantial backlog of content, and is currently making videos full-time for the channel, so subscribe and check it out. Plus, it's not every day I can recommend an Emmy-nominated YouTube channel. I suggest starting with a movie you have an interest in or really enjoy, and go from there. If you're into movies, give Mikey's stuff a shot; you won't be disappointed. You can also subscribe to the main channel, Chainsawsuit Originals, which is full of awesome shows. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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