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August 21, 2017: Take A Spin In The Land Of Oz!


Jump on the broom your roommate never touches. Skip down the road in your pajamas during rush hour. Hitch a flight from the Winged Monkey asleep on your compost heap. Do whatever it takes . . . just get over to your local game store right away! Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition is coming to your game store! 


With the Tin Woodsman and that floppy fella made of hay on your side, you're ready to double-cross your friends, and put 'em up for a fight with King Krewl. And mix Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition with other Munchkin sets to create a mash-up so fun even a Wicked Witch will join in, after her part-time dog-walking gig. Combining the game with Munchkin Grimm Tidings and Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition will create a literary tornado of fun! 
If you can't curtail your desire for more Emerald City magic, it's time you purchased Munchkin Oz 2 – Yellow Brick Raid, featuring books of Baum's Oz series without "wizard" in the title. (Oh, my, there are ever so many books!) Remember to treat your taste buds to Lemonade Rain and Popcorn Snow
Speaking of wizards, if you're looking for more of Katie Cook's exquisite artwork featuring a rainbow of vibrant shades and tones, put Munchkin Spell Skool on your list!
There's no place like your local game shop to add this enchanting game to your collection!

-- Andrew McMillian

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