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August 10, 2023: Virtual Gen Con Sale Ends Today

Also, you have only a few hours to support the debauched intellectualism that is Caligula! Long live the Emperor! Drink!

Gen Con ended on Sunday, but our extended Virtual Gen Con Sale is running through the end of the day today! If you missed out on our awesome deals and new releases at the show, this is your chance to get that convention experience. Both Wiz-War and Tribes are available for early release and won't be available again until the retail release. And you can save 15% on select Munchkin, Car Wars, Fantasy Trip, dice games, sets, and bags! 

Gen Con Sale

As always, physical Warehouse 23 orders will include promos. Alll orders of $200 or more get free shipping, and you didn't even have to brave the Gen Con crowds! Get these deals and limited-time releases now – they end tonight. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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