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August 12, 2023: Introducing Allison Page, Managing Editor


Hi! I'm Allison Page, the new Managing Editor at Steve Jackson Games. You might be thinking "Managing Editor at a tabletop RPG, board, and card game company? What does that even mean?" and I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. 
When it comes to my career, there's one constant: whatever my job is, no one can believe it exists. Before coming to SJ Games, I spent eight years as the Artistic Director (and eventually Executive Artistic Director) of a nonprofit sketch comedy company, something that is somehow a real position. I've also been a Narrative Designer for video games, an advertising script writer for a dating site, and I toiled away in the immersive world of Tony 'n Tina's Wedding for the better part of three years as a fake bridesmaid entertaining hordes of tourists in San Francisco.
Anyone who knows me can tell you I've always been competitive, even when it couldn't be more unnecessary. A friendly race to the bottom of a hill? Seeing who can type the most words per minute? Forcing my family into a game night that borders on a hostage situation? I'm your gal. Games became a regular family event at my house every holiday. Prizes included both legitimate (sausage) and prank (toilet paper) varieties.


Allison with her edible prizes after a rousing game of BINGO, while a terrifying doll watches in the background.
So, naturally, I couldn't be more excited about joining the SJ Games editorial team, and not because I can now easily justify forcing my family and friends to play games with me under the guise of "work." Well, not only because of that.
Having spent significant time in the world of startups and video games, where companies come and go in the blink of an eye, joining a company that's been around over 40 years is almost a shock to the system. I'm thrilled to be enveloped in a group of passionate game-makers and to be part of creating the future of Steve Jackson Games for both our dedicated base of players and folks who have somehow not been captured by our all-seeing eye . . . YET. 
When not at work, you can catch me writing stage plays and screenplays filled with monsters, contributing to the world's overpopulation of podcasts, and baking exceptional breads.

-- Allison Page

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