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August 18, 2019: Want Email Notification When Car Wars Sixth Edition Launches On Kickstarter?

We're growing closer to the launch of Car Wars Sixth Edition on Kickstarter, with our schedule calling for the campaign start before the end of this year. We know this is easily our most anticipated game launch of the year, and we know you don't always have time to check the Daily Illuminator every day . . . so here's one simple way to guarantee that you get notified when the project goes live:

  • Follow our two Kickstarter accounts – Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 – so that, regardless of which one we use to launch the crowdfunding campaign, Kickstarter will send you an email notification when the project is active and ready for you to join in.

In addition to following us on Kickstarter, we also recommend following Steve Jackson Games on both Facebook and Twitter. We share pics, videos, and information on both of those social-media platforms, and following us will give you an even better chance of noticing when the project is live.

We're doing everything we can to make Car Wars Sixth Edition an incredible game, and we look forward to sharing more of the project with you over the next few months as we prepare to launch its Kickstarter. We're almost there!

-- Phil Reed

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