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August 19, 2011: Worldcon! Then PAX!

This will be a short report from Worldcon at Reno. It would be longer, but we're about to head out for the Girl Genius Steampunk dance.

Having fun so far, though I was fighting an incipient cold Tuesday, so I'm limiting myself to bows and fist-bumps rather than handshakes just in case I have something I don't want to share with my friends.

For those who like Italian food, I can unreservedly recommend La Vecchia, which is on South Virginia between the Atlantis and the Peppermill.

Today (Friday) I'll be doing an event not on the schedule. From 3 to 4pm, I will be in Gaming, teaching Zombie Dice and testing some expansion ideas.

Saturday at noon, in room A13, I'll be on a panel entitled "Considerations in Game Design."

Sunday at 2pm, in room A5, I'll be on a panel called "Role Playing Game Design."

Come see me if you're at Worldcon. If not, maybe next week at PAX!

-- Steve Jackson

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