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August 21, 2011: PAX Prime Participants!

Yesterday I got so excited about the possibility of the first copies of Reindeer Games being available at PAX Prime, I forgot to mention that Andrew will be doing a signing! On Saturday, August 27, he'll be in Room 201 signing whatever munchkinly things you put in front of him. (But don't forget that, in a previous life, Andrew edited a number of GURPS Fourth Edition books -- have him sign your copy of GURPS Characters!)

In the same space, Evil Stevie himself will be doing signings for an hour every day of PAX, starting at 4pm. His usual rules apply: please keep your stack to three items for the sake of the rest of the line, old well-loved games are awesome, and nothing on fire.

If you're a member of the press and wish to put Steve in front of your notepad, microphone, or video lens, drop Phil an e-mail. I think there are still slots available, but as with any show like this, Steve's time fills up fast.

(Room 201 is also be where our retail space can be found, so if you didn't bring a copy of Munchkin Zombies to be signed, you can pick one up!)

-- Paul Chapman

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