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August 20, 2023: The Computer Is Your Friend

It was the first thing you heard when you came out of the clone tank. It'll probably be the last thing you hear when you're lasered down like the Commie mutant traitor that you are.

Yep, we're playing Paranoia. But we're also playing Munchkin.

Munchkin Paranoia

By permission of the High Programmers themselves, I will be writing, and John Kovalic will be illustrating, Munchkin Paranoia for a late 2024 release. It will be the most perfect form of Munchkin ever to be created, because the Computer says so.*

This is a match that only the Computer could have come up with. Races = mutations. Classes = Secret Societies. Level = color clearance. Monsters = your fellow citizens of Alpha Complex, mostly. Victory = Reach High Programmer status!

I have been a Paranoia fan since the very first edition, and I am absolutely delighted to be working on this project. Of all the RPGs ever created, Paranoia is hands down the one that I wish I had worked on, and now I can!  A lot of the cards will write themselves. A lot of the rest, I can steal! And, of course, I will. What would a game of Paranoia be without Hot Fun, Cold Fun, and Bouncy Bubble Beverage?

Invited to comment, World Famous Game Designer Greg Costikyan opined: "Munchkin. Paranoia. What could possibly go wrong? (Flees rapidly for cover.)"


* It is possible that arguing about the rules will be punishable by Death. Further playtest is needed.

Mike, wherever you are, I hope you're proud!

-- Steve Jackson

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