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August 24, 2015: Len Peralta Illustrates Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition!

Star Munchkin AntimatterStar Munchkin Trader I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with the very talented Len Peralta. He has worked with us before, lending his talent to the Munchkin: The Guild booster. You may also know him from the fantastic Geek a Week podcast, his recent comic Exterminite, or any number of other nerdy projects he's lent his talent.

Watching a set go from art notes to full illustrations is always entertaining, but watching an old favorite get totally different art was an absolute blast. Our main directive to Len was to have fun with the set and it's very clear that he did. His mutants are hideous, his creatures are definitely from the darkest depths of space, and his lasers are very shiny. Not only was he having fun, but he would turn over art and any requested changes at a speed that made my hands hurt. You too can have your face melted off by the awesome that is Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition here. Once that heals, you can pick up your copy in March 2016!

-- Devin Lewis, Munchkin Editorial Assistant/Playtest Coordinator

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