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August 29, 2015: July's Top 12

Every month we receive a report from Ross, our Director of Sales, in which he lists our top selling games of the previous month. We thought that some of you might enjoy a peek behind the curtain, so here's our top 12 titles for July of 2015. How many do you already have?

Munchkin Oz

  1. Munchkin Oz
  2. Munchkin Deluxe
  3. Munchkin
  4. Star Munchkin 3 -- Diplomatic Impunity
  5. Star Munchkin Deluxe
  6. Munchkin Zombies
  7. Munchkin Pathfinder
  8. Munchkin 3 -- Clerical Errors
  9. Zombie Dice
  10. Munchkin Legends Deluxe
  11. Secret! FNORD!!!
  12. Chupacabra: Survive the Night

That 11th title is a secret at the moment. We would tell you if we could, but it's not yet time for that special announcement. It is something that we displayed earlier this year, and as soon as it's in stores we'll let you know.

-- Phil Reed

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