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August 25, 2015: Fan Expo Canada!

Fan Expo in Canada is one of the biggest geek conventions in the northern hemisphere and, this year, Andrew Hackard the Munchkin Czar and CEO Phil Reed will be attending the convention as gaming featured guests. More than that, though, they'll be doing signings, panels, and all sorts of great stuff while they're there. The list of events (which is subject to change) is:

  • Basic Kickstarting & Crowdfunding with Phil Reed
  • Publishing Your Own Tabletop Game with Phil Reed
  • Steve Jackson Games: Behind the Pyramid with Phil Reed and Andrew Hackard
  • Advanced Kickstarting and Crowdfunding with Andrew Hackard
  • In the Game of Boards You Win or You Roll Again with Andrew Hackard
  • State of the Game Industry with Phil Reed

-- Brian Engard

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