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August 29, 2017: Announcements For December

It's over 100 degrees here in Austin, so we're looking toward December, where it will be a chilly 70 degrees. Here are some of the releases coming this winter to keep you warm and indoors during the cool months!

Super Kitty Bug SlapSuper Kitty Bug Slap

May the fastest paws win!

Grab the coolest cats you can find for some bug-slappin' action in this speedy card game of swift thinking and quick paws! Super Kitty Bug Slap is a fast-paced game that lets 3 to 5 players see who has the most skills. When the game ends, the quickest kitty with the most cards wins! 

At only $6.95, Super Kitty Bug Slap will make the perfect stocking-stuffer for anyone in your family!

Munchkin Valentine's Monster BoxMunchkin Valentine's Day Monster Box

More storage than a box of chocolates!

Do you and your sweetheart have lots of Munchkin stuff? Do you want a way to bring it on your romantic picnic? Then this Monster Box holds the answer to all your heart's desires! You'll have room to lovingly care for more than 2,000 Munchkin cards, a Level Playing Field, some Seals and Dungeons, and all your other alluring Munchkin swag – all with adorable art by Katie Cook.

Munchkin Oz Guest Artist EditionMunchkin Playmat: The Flower of Love

In Munchkin, as in love, if you play your cards right, you'll get ahead.

Munchkin Playmat: The Flower of Love makes it easy by providing a special spot on the table for each of your cards . . . much like you have a special spot in your heart for the one you love. (There may even be space for all the chocolates and roses you get for Valentine's Day!) You will be smitten with this playmat as soon as it catches your eye – and it might just save your life with its bonus rule!

BONUS RULE: Once per game, you may play a monster from your hand to add its Level to your side in combat by discarding the number of Treasures printed on its card.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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